Newport for the 4th

So on a last-minute whim we decide to go to Newport for an overnight trip.  We had other plans but wanted to get away and made a run for it, I apologize to those we said yes to. My wife and I have been a few times and love it and this year was extra special because we had Tess with us. I am a huge fan of the fourth for many reasons first being that I love my country, second I served my country and another is because is bad as you may think it is to live here

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you still haven’t left so get over it or get out of it! On to more pleasant thoughts…….When we embarked on this journey 2.5 hours I realized that Newport was a great choice considering the Holiday, Eisenhower and Kennedy had summer homes there, it has one of the largest number of remaining buildings from the Colonial era and it also was home to William Ellery who signed the Declaration of Independence….need I say more? This town is full of life, shopping, history, awesome boats and great food (I told you I loved it). If you have never been I suggest you check this place out and soon! I am not going to continue the history lesson so I share with you a small collection of photos I took  Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately we did not catch any fireworks but it was still a great trip. I hope that if you were on the fence about going this put you over. Enjoy them and any feedback on the photos, past trips or anything else is welcomed. Thanks


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