Day Trip to the NYC Highline

Yesterday my family and I went down to New York City to take a walk on the High Line. A little history of it is as follows, in 1847 NYC allowed street level rail crossings but soon after this 10th avenue became known as “death avenue” There were a large amount of rail incidents with motorists which resulted in men riding horses ahead of the rail cars waiving red flags to warn drivers of an oncoming train. In 1929 the state if New York along with New York City out into action what was known as the West Side Improvement Project. This included but was not limited to building an elevated rail system which was the The High Line as well as adding 32 acres to Riverside Park. This came with a price tag of $150 million dollars which would roughly amount to $2 billion dollars today. The railway officially opened in 1934  and served as a lifeline to distribute food and other goods to factories, shops and warehouses without disrupting street traffic. But as the 1950’s approached the increase in trucking led to a decline in rail traffic. In the 1960’s the southern part of the High Line was demolished and in the mid 80’s the last run was made with a shipment of frozen turkey’s. When talk began of demolishing the  rail in its entirety Peter Obletz took notice and fought to challenge the demolition and re-establish service. In 1999 Friends of The High Line  was  founded by Joshua David and Robert Hammond along with Chelsea residents to preserve the line an create a useable public space. Fast forward to the present and what they fought for is now one the most picturesque walks in all of NYC. There are vendors, gardens, people from all walks of life and breathtaking views. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice day with the family. I took some shots along the way although not as many as I would have liked. In any event you can find out more about The High Line and all it has to offer by visiting

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