Fall Festival

We took a family trip to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center today to check out the Fall Festival. The weather was perfect and there was plenty of fall on display!  The older I get the more I appreciate living in New England; we experience all four seasons and fall is by far the most amazing. We picked a pumpkin, saw otters, oxen, llamas and just about every other farm animal you would expect. There were plenty of demonstrations and educational tidbits placed strategically on our map. The only downside is that it only lasts two days so if you want to go you need to pay attention to when its happening, but I highly encourage you to go if you have children. In one of the gardens there was a whole display of scarecrows made by children and you had the opportunity to vote for your favorite one.  Kids are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes so they can be in a parade around the farm.  I can’t wait for next year when Tessa will really enjoy it.  Here are a few shots from today, I hope you enjoy them.

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One thought on “Fall Festival

  1. Fall in New England….breathtaking. And to think right there in Stamford you can see such beauty. Keep this going Jay I really enjoy seeing these pics and your precious family. Love to all…

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