Family shoot for an old friend

With the fall season upon us many families look to get pictures done. Whether it is for holiday cards or just because it is time to update the frame on the coffee table, this is when it goes down. Being that this is New England and the foliage is nothing short of beautiful it adds to the rush. When I was contacted by a very dear friend, whom I have known for more years than either of us would like to admit, I couldn’t wait to get down to business.

I have known Lynnae since little league when I played for her dad and we have remained friends since. Through the years we went to different schools and ran in different circles, but always managed to remain friends. There are many stories to share about our friendship, but that is for another time. This one is about the kids! Frankie and Anthony were two of the best kids to deal with, funny, calm and from what you will see ready to go!

We shot at Lynnae’s parents house since it was a central location and it was exactly how I remembered it. Frankie wanted to show me his trucks and dig a little in the back yard so I followed him around while he showed me how it was done. Shortly after that Anthony had woken up from his nap and needed a little love as well.

It was a great morning all around and it was really great to catch up with an old friend, even if we had to be reminded that we have known each other for way too long! I leave you with just a few more from that lovely morning that I hope you enjoy. A huge heartfelt thank you to Lynnae for asking me to be a part of this and allowing me to have the opportunity to give her something she loves!


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