Fall sessions are in full swing!

The time of year has come when people want to get the perfect family portrait or shot of their children to stick on their holiday card! As hectic as this time can be for a photographer it is my favorite time of the year. Meeting new people, catching up with old friends and most of all spending a beautiful fall day doing what I love. Anyone from Connecticut or the northeast for that matter knows that there is nothing like fall and the colors it brings. On top of that you can smell it when the leaves change and the air is crisp, there really is nothing like it. It is like a forrest’s version of the Northern Lights. This past weekend I was in full swing with 3 shoots on the books! The first one was in Larchmont at Manor Park for a family of three. This was a referral and I couldn’t find enough nice things to say about them as a whole. Kids were just amazing and the parents were right there with them. It was a great start to a weekend that only got better! Later on that afternoon I was up in New Canaan at Grace Farms to do some work for a friend. I have driven past this farm a million times and always wondered what it was. My curiosity was no more when I got there, this piece of land was breathtaking. Rolling hills, beautiful colors and green grass as far as the I can see. As I mentioned this shoot was for a friend, I met Houston and Rhonda a while back through some mutual friends. We have always kept in touch and I was honored and thrilled when they reached out to hire me. The shoot was a blast, Andrew was too fun for words and they brought along their dog Maggie who was a rescue. I could have spent the entire day there taking pictures of this great family and would have stayed even longer to shoot the property. That was it for Saturday but Sunday was Sienna’s turn. A friend from high school was looking to get some family photos done and I was lucky enough to be the one she chose to do them. We met at Waveny Park in New Canaan, from the minute we met Sienna was smiling and already making my job almost too easy! This shoot was a photographer’s dream, great weather, an amazing family and best of all wide open space that we occupied alone. This was a weekend full of shoots that really made me realize that I love what I do and the people I do it for. No matter how busy I may be or how many calls, changes or challenges come up this really is what I enjoy and look forward to doing. Knowing that you can capture moments for a family that they will cherish and look back on means the world to me. There really is nothing like a photograph, it captures a moment that can never be altered or denied. That one moment in time is frozen and you can always go back and remember it. In closing I want to thank all three families from this weekend, I am truly thankful.


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