It just sorta happened…..

Today was one of those days where things changed and changed and changed but managed to somehow in the end work out. I had a couple of shoots this morning, one which happened to be with Tessa, she is quite the explorer. Those shots won’t be on here though as they are for her Christmas card and off limits. I had a shoot this afternoon that went better than I could have imagined so things were well on their way to being awesome. It turns out my late afternoon/evening freed up so a trip was made down to Cove Island Park. There was a great breeze and all kinds of things to capture. I am not going to get long winded here because I think the stuff I am about to share speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy the shots I am posting and please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. Thanks and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “It just sorta happened…..

    • Thanks Aunt Renee, it was a serene setting. We were on a bench and to our left was the old couple, to our right was a teenage couple and in between was a wedding party taking their pictures. It was amazing to have it all in one place.

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