Early morning serenity

Sometimes getting up at the crack of dawn has it perks. Normally it is quiet, calm and peaceful. Today was most of that, but with the still present effects of Hurricane Sandy. The roads were mayhem to say the least. There is a mad dash for fuel, coffee and anything to bring some comfort and normalcy back to people’s lives. It is tough to watch even though it is like a buffet of opportunities for a photographer. Most of you who will read this are in the thick of it and some of you aren’t, but if you are here you get it. Living close to NYC has made us used to the grind, hustle and flat out machine that everyday life has become in these parts. With that said and taking into account that we are generally a tough populous, this has shown to everyone that even we need a hand from time to time. I drive around looking for things to capture and although there is plenty, I am most happy with what I read from my friends. Be it on Facebook or Twitter there is a plethora of people offering food, showers, water or just some heat and a bed. To me this is the silver lining, sometimes it isn’t about getting what you want i.e. your power or cable. It is about knowing a neighbor, relative or friend offers you anything in the form of comfort and seeing the bigger picture. With that said I just want to thank anyone who reads this if, you are one of those selfless people, you are all that is right in a time like this. While I am not in a situation to offer much, I wanted to get up this morning and shoot the sun coming up for those who are too busy helping out or rebuilding to see it. I hope that if one or one thousand people see this post one of them get’s some sort of comfort or peace seeing something so breathtaking. When I set out today I had every intention of getting into the beach and documenting all of the damages and what was left after Sandy was finished. While I still intend to do that, it occurred to me that nobody really needs to see that, not now anyway. Maybe next week or next month, but as of now I felt it was more important to remind people that as much as mother nature can really make a mess when all is said and done a sunrise shows us that as long as you see a new day begin there is nowhere to go but up. In closing I want to wish everyone who reads this a speedy recovery from any damages or losses they suffered and wish you all the best. Thanks.

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