Life in Motion

DSC_0098So even though the holiday season is here I wanted to put up some shots of something that has slowly become my favorite shot. Things in motion, mainly cycles but none the less motion. While there is not that much in the way of fascinating scenery or beautiful land scape, there is something that I find cool about it. Being lucky enough to live near New York City is makes things easy when you want a little inspiration. Short of wanting to photograph glaciers or desert you can find it in New York. A while back I did a gallery on subway musicians and since then I have felt the need to find a new theme or for lack of better terms project. This past year I read an article that gave tips on how to shoot things in motion and while trying it out I fell in love with the results. With that said, I have yet to perfect the method but love my version of it, so much so that I find myself stopping and looking for cyclists any time that I have my camera. Bike1 Out of all the people I have tried to capture most don’t even realize that I am doing it, but I still can’t get over feeling strange about sneaking pictures of people. With that said I still think that is the best way to capture a true, moving moment. No posing, prep or discussion, just a person doing whatever it is they are doing and having no idea you are capturing it. Bike3 I hope to someday have enough stuff to make a coffee table book, I have no delusions of being a best-selling author but if there is going to be a book of photos for people to look at they may as well be mine right? To be honest I want to have two, one of life in motion and the other containing my collection of subway shots. Who knows, maybe someday this will all happen and when I have company it will make for great conversation, we shall see. In closing I want to thank all of you for reading, liking, following and supporting me. This blog started as something I tried while my daughter was asleep one night and it has grown into something that I can’t wait to add to. I could not possibly do what I do without all of your support, knowing I have a small legion of people motivates me to keep busy, get better and try harder. 2012 was a great year and I already have huge expectations for the year to come. I wish all of you an amazing holiday season and a prosperous new year to come. Here are just a few more of what I hope becomes the first few pages of my first book. Enjoy!Bike2Bike2 copybike3 copy


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