Time for a change….a welcomed one!

If there are any of you out there that remember or care to hear some good news, here it is. We are proud and equally excited to introduce our new website. Things have been very hectic as of late, shoots are piling up, equipment is being purchased and best of all we are expanding at a rate we have only dreamed of. In the midst of all this welcomed chaos we have spent countless hours compiling material from shoot, feedback from some great photographers and data to build the new site. As I write this the site is about 80% finished but good enough to want to share.

With all of these amazing things said I would like to lastly say this…THANK YOU. There are a great amount of you who have supported this from the first post right up until this one. Without all of you none of the great things I previously spoke of would be anywhere near real or happening. I cannot thank you all enough and even if I could I am too busy.

So without further adieu please stop by www.tmrimagery.com and let me know how we did!

PS- I will try to update this as much as possible along with the new site but eventually everything will be on the new page.



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